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Product Manager

Job Location


Published By

P.S International

Type of Job


Salary Range

3 - 5 LPA

Published Date

February 17, 2023 at 5:15:00 AM

Experience Required

3 - 5 Years



Job Description

Duties :

  • Brand Management and developing marketing strategies to build them.

  • Responsible for new product launching in different areas (PAN India).

  • Planning and Designing promotional materials/tools to support the Sales/marketing objectives with cost-effectiveness.

  • Develop strategy and appropriate media plans to periodically review the success of the inputs.

  • Joint work with the Tele Sales Team to develop the territories and to understand the market dynamics and demand, identifying market opportunities for brand building.

  • Handling various Distribution Channels like Franchisee/Distributors, etc. for product penetration in various States, cities, and districts level.

  • Create, Promote, and monitor Campaigns for Sales promotion.

  • Train, motivate, and guide the Tele Sales Team to ensure the continuous growth of the brand.

  • Coordinate with the Tele Sales Team, Packing & amp; Distribution Team for allocation of products and fast moving.

Key duties and Responsibilities :

Market analysis :

  • Define market working with market intelligence, provide market context (size, shape, growth, segments, top line financials, etc.), identify opportunities within it, and make (innovative) recommendations based on this.

  • Pipeline buyer analysis document customer attraction to product, as well as the barriers to buy.

  • Competitor analysis.

  • Identify competitive and alternative offerings in the market.

  • Document their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Make recommendations for strategies to sustain our market position to the Product & Market Lead.

  • Recommend (innovative) strategies for winning or maintaining our position against the competition.

  • Resources and competencies List of capabilities and USPs (by product, service or area).

  • Win/loss analysis Understand why the current evaluators of the product did or did not buy, and understand the steps they took in the buying process.

Strategic Planning :

  • Product strategy Lead on the creation of the recommended product strategy and Roadmap for the allocated product line.

  • Pricing and packaging Contribute towards establishing pricing models, schedules, guidelines, and procedures.

  • Business model and plan Lead on the recommendations for appropriate business model and financial targets. Product and Market Lead, SMG and Executive communicate outcomes internally.

  • Product planning requirements and scenarios Create epic level outcomes based on customer need and market definition.

  • Stakeholder communications Managing Boards, advisory groups, sector representation, and internal stakeholders, etc.

Go to market :

  • Product positioning Describe the product by its ability to solve market problems.

  • Create internal positioning documents to be used to develop external messages, focused on each key buyer or persona. Articulation of agreed targets.

Sales enablement :

  • Channel and sales training Design and deliver training programs to help the sales channels focus on how to sell the product, not how to use it.

  • Produce briefing packs for sales teams, containing product USPs, elevator pitch etc.

Product evaluation :-

  • Performance analysis monitor product performance (web stats, usage, financials etc.),

  • Product lifecycle evaluation (inc. profitability).

About Company

Our Client is Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of India, represents the country’s leading innovative biopharmaceutical research companies.



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